Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I awoke this morning to the sunshine beaming into the bedroom windows. The warmth of the sun made me feel that it would be a good day. I can remember my first Mother's Day after Kelly-Anne died. Without going into detail, all I can say that it was horrible.

After breakfast I decided to take a few hours for myself. Jules wanted to do his house cleaning...yes I have a " homme rose". He is wonderful. I went to the cemetery to be closer to Kelly-Anne. There, I cried my eyes out, talked to her and asked her to hold my left hand as I will have my right handed operated on tomorrow. Many cars and people swarmed the cemetery.... families visiting mothers and grandmothers. I wondered how many were visiting their daughters and really is so abnormal to be visiting my daughter's graveside. It's not the way life is suppose to be. I thought about all the other mothers who are in my shoes....the loss of their daughters and sons to senseless murders, to illness, accidents and suicides. I feel for each and very one of them. We all live under this black cloud that follows us every where. The only thing we can do is learn how to live with this hidden handicap. I said to Kelly-Anne that I will try and find purple tulips to bring to her. This week I will venture out bandages and all to look for some.

I went to do some shopping...I called today my last day of independence for a while as I will have Jules at my beck and call for a week and a half....he will drive me around, cook and clean.

I met up with Kim in Pointe Claire village. We browsed around in the shops, bought jewellery
and had coffee. I think going shopping has to be the most favorite outing Kim and I enjoy together. We both love fashion, jewellery, shoes and purses. We had supper with Jules...salmon on the BBQ and creme caramel for dessert. Kim gave me some neat gifts...a pair of cool shoes, makeup and a subscription to a magazine, but the best was the card. The inscription says :
" You're the kind of person this world needs more of -
because you live what you believe in, and reach out to make a difference "

The day has now come to an end. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms reading this post. May the memories we have with our children and grandchildren be cherished forever.


Anonymous said...

Well, Doreen, that Mother's Day card was definitely written for you. You are making a difference.
Take care of you and get well soon.


jessica and fred said...

Well, this was an eye opener. Fred and I joke every Mother's day and Father's day, who will win the battle of the cards. Three kids, 1 card or maybe three kids,, 3cards or mssg at least. I lose every year. Now I will be forever grateful, that they are alive and well, even when I never get another mssg. or card for any Mother's day as long as I am alive. Thank You for opening my eyes. Hugs and kisses to you my Sister-friend signed Jessica