Saturday, September 26, 2009

Excerpts Part 2

Here's an excerpt about Kell's flight to France, her impression of Air France and air travel in Europe.

"When the light for the seat belts turned off I had the urge to wretch. And that I did. Just before that I looked in the pocket in front of me for those convenient vomit bags. Ironically this time, when I might have used one , there was none. I found a lavatory soon after."

" Today I realize that I do not like Air France and would like to avoid the Charles DeGaulle airport if I can. The plane left us off in the middle of the runway as it would for an evacuation. It took forever for the passengers to get off the plane. We finally got to the terminal, the passengers were going up an escalator to stand in line for something else. When we got to the top of the escalator it was as if were were at a rock concert. The line ahead was not moving, so the people on the escalator were being crammed up against one another. I said out loud " This is how people die, by being crushed to death." I pushed my way through to avoid being crushed in the Nationalist airport.

Finally I arrived to the gate on ward to Florence only to find out that the bus that takes passengers to the middle of the runway had already left. I was told to get another ticket from AF. I did so, the ticket agent gave me a ticket for a free sandwich and drink. I tried telling him how discontent I was with missing my flight due to nonsensual (sic) reasons.He smiled, didn't nod. Basically he didn't care. I walked away.

When I arrived to the Florence airport, once again they left us off in the middle of the airport. Must be a European thing.The airport security was almost unheard of. There was no customs which means no stamps in my passport. I was pretty upset about that."

Remembering Kell Part 1

As we approach the fifth anniversary of Kelly- Anne's passing I thought I would share with you some of the excerpts from her diary which she wrote while on her trip in Italy. I loved the way she can feel that they are with her experiencing the trip. Of course the humor is so alive, just like the way Kell lived.

Here's a excerpt which I'll call The Human Compass Story

" I walked around trying to find Ponte Vecchio. I being the human compass, walked completely in the opposite direction for 1.5 km. If I had looked to my left I would of seen the bridge, I made it there finally.

I had wanted to go to where Michelangelo lived on top of a hill. I read that the sun sets were nice. So I found where it was, went there and saw Florence under a setting sun. The roof tops were shinning in the sun, just beautiful. After so I walked back to the main centre. On my journey back to the hotel I asked some locals where I was on the map. They pointed out that I was on the complete opposite side of the town that I wanted to be on. Well done, again. "

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wondering Why

Reading the late edition of the Montreal Gazette on line, the caption tells us that a Montreal police detective is being accused of transmitting police data base documents to criminals.

Readers have written into the Gazette to voice and for most their negative comments about the police and this particular event. I find it hard to believe that the detective in question who is someone whom I have had the up most respect for would do something like this. This detective took us under his wing when Kelly-Anne's family were in court back in 2006.

He and his team were like gold medal winners. That is how Kelly-Anne's family and our friends viewed he and his colleagues.

I ask myself what leads these events to happen? What we need to understand it that there is an immense pressure placed on police detectives. We forget that they are human beings who see things that we never hope to see in our lives....imagine being the first to arrive at a crime scene and seeing all the horror. I only thank God that we were spared of the sight of Kelly-Anne's apartment at the moment of the assault. But someone did see it. These cops go home to their families at the end of their day. They also take these crime scenes home with them.

I can only imagine that the pressure eventually gets to a police officer which can make them weak. I ask myself if the police department is giving enough support to the officers.

I am not making excuses for what has allegedly happened, but he has not yet faced the courts, so we shouldn't judge.

Whatever the outcome, I will never forget how good this man was to us.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Perseverance Pays Off

After seven months of being at home, I now have a job to go to each day. This past weekend I did some reflection of what it took come to this point of being hired and the first word which comes to mind is how I persevered.

I had faced rejection such as "your over qualified for this job", " we decided to hire somebody else" and "you don't have all the qualifications for this job". Being turned away had left me at times doubting myself and my future.

The past months I was fortunate to be a part of a group called Executives Available. They are a group of experts who help professionals who are over 40 to market themselves. I met some great people who are in search to find jobs. I learnt tips from the experts and had wonderful support from my counsellor.

Through all the changes of loosing a job and finding a new one,I realized that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Kelly-Anne was always near by....,her spirit, her example of perseverance was close in my heart. Kim displayed everyday to me her perseverance as she recently started a new job working with special needs children. I marvel at her patience and perseverance as she impacts these children's lives. Kim has skills that many do not have. Kim and Jules have been my support team over the past months...always being encouraged to continue my job search. As Jules says, I don't give up easily.

Well, the brief case is packed, the clothes are ironed and the sensible shoes are at the door. I'm off to work in a law office and will give my expertise and commitment once again in a new career.

Doreen Drummond
Health & Safety Consultant