Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wondering Why

Reading the late edition of the Montreal Gazette on line, the caption tells us that a Montreal police detective is being accused of transmitting police data base documents to criminals.

Readers have written into the Gazette to voice and for most their negative comments about the police and this particular event. I find it hard to believe that the detective in question who is someone whom I have had the up most respect for would do something like this. This detective took us under his wing when Kelly-Anne's family were in court back in 2006.

He and his team were like gold medal winners. That is how Kelly-Anne's family and our friends viewed he and his colleagues.

I ask myself what leads these events to happen? What we need to understand it that there is an immense pressure placed on police detectives. We forget that they are human beings who see things that we never hope to see in our lives....imagine being the first to arrive at a crime scene and seeing all the horror. I only thank God that we were spared of the sight of Kelly-Anne's apartment at the moment of the assault. But someone did see it. These cops go home to their families at the end of their day. They also take these crime scenes home with them.

I can only imagine that the pressure eventually gets to a police officer which can make them weak. I ask myself if the police department is giving enough support to the officers.

I am not making excuses for what has allegedly happened, but he has not yet faced the courts, so we shouldn't judge.

Whatever the outcome, I will never forget how good this man was to us.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen, Thank you for your message, your blog is very good and make everybody remember what happened......The positive things is that Kelly-Anne brought more people to know each others and sometime help them through hard time.......hope to see you soon and you'll see that the investgator didn't do nothing wrong.....
all regards...M.L.