Monday, December 19, 2011

Traditions Old and New

It is hard for me to believe that Christmas is shortly upon is. Where did the year go to! We decorated the house in all its splendor over a week ago. It was another bittersweet day as we placed the precious ornaments which Kelly-Anne had made some years ago on the tree. Along with them were the newer ones which Kim,Jules and I had made a couple of years back.

That day I reflected on Christmases past as I looked at decorations that were given to me by people who were close to me and have passed on. I cherish the ornament from my friend Heather. She was my mentor and helped me alot in my career. I think of her often, but each Christmas as I look at her special ornament which she gave me on her last Christmas with us, it just fills my heart with happiness, sadness and appreciation. I often thank her for helping me be the person I am today.

Christmas this year will be different. Kim is in her new home out west with the love of her life. She will have a taste of home as the baking has all been shipped out by FedEx. We spoke last week and I said to her that now was the time for her to start her own traditions. Funny how I received a text today from Kim telling me that she can't find ground veal in the grocery stores. She was wondering how she would make my tourtière recipe without it. I did laugh as we were at the FedEx desk sending off the baking when the text came. I said to Jules that it was too late to send out ground veal! We had a good laugh about that. It did warm my heart that she would make our Quebecois traditional meat pie with her great pie crust and show the Westerners just what they have been missing.

Christmas this year for us will be filled with hope,joy and peace. We will enjoy our family,the four footed guys and friends over the holidays and continue the traditons which we have created together. As always, there will be a candle lit on the table for Kelly-Anne.

Jules and I look forward with excitement to the new year ahead. Good things will be happening for us in our careers and personal life. We look forward to traveling to visit Kim and to meet all the people who have become her second family.

From our home to yours, we wish you health,happiness and peace that will last throughout the year to come. Enjoy your families and your traditions and let the fond memories of Christmases past warm your hearts as those of ours will.