Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baby's First Birthday

Today Jules and I went to participate in the festivities of a baby's first birthday. Lilah is her name. A darling little girl who is the daughter of Kelly-Anne and Kim good friend. Besides the goodies and cupcakes, the house was filled with little children. All happy and adorable little ones playing and munching on treats. The party brought back many memories of birthday parties which we had for Kelly-Anne and Kim.

For Kelly-Anne's first birthday she had a baby sister to celebrate with her. Isn't that something! Kim was just 4 weeks old but nevertheless she was with her sister.

I remember making those wonderful character cakes out of the Wilton cake pans....doggies, Big Bird etc. Some parties were held at McDonald's and Chi Chi's. We usually had one party in between their birthdays. One birthday party, Kim received her first cat....Katnip. He somewhat freaked out coming home to a children's costume party. I think that is why he was always stressed out.

Looking at the gifts that Lilah received today made me see that some things just haven't changed...Strawberry Shortcake was a big thing when the girls were small. Lilah must of received at least 3 Strawberry shortcake cards and we gave her a Strawberry Shortcake book as part of her gifts.

It was a lovely party which really warmed my heart...the sweet innocence of youth.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kelly-Anne & Rachel

Kelly-Anne's best friend is Rachel. Today is a special day for Rachel as she has married her sweetheart.
It's a bittersweet day as I sit here and think of years gone by and of the relationship the girls had together. They say that there is no greater bond between mother or daughter or sisters but I feel their bond was
the same as blood sisters. I remember the laughter, the fun shared and of course the adventuring. Kelly-Anne, I know would be very happy and proud today for Rachel. I am sure that her spirit is near Rachel as she starts a new phase in her life. I am also glad that Kim is there today with Rachel sharing in the festivities.

Here is a picture taken of the girls adventuring in the USA.

I wish Rachel a beautiful day and a happy and loving marriage.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We are all One

Tonight I experienced the solidarity of a community. I attended the first year memorial service for Andrew Hunte-Longshaw. He was the young man of 22 years who was murdered this time last year in front of Concordia University. Looking at his mother, his grandparents, brothers and little daughter, they stood strong and united. The church was packed, the gospel choir shook the building.

Amongst the people were many families from the English community who lost a child or family member from murder. Between the hugs and tears, I felt that we are a community of soldiers. Our fallen soldiers have only our voice left to speak for them. Pastor Danny Eason said it all too well...we judge people by the car they drive or the clothes they wear...but really those materialist things are not what is important. God doesn't judge us by what we have, it's what we have in our hearts that is important. Also, God gives us as much as we can handle...and for the families who have lost a loved one...we are strong , we can move on, we can give meaning to the loss of our loved ones.

Tonight only reinforced what I have been trying to do......forge forward, find meaning in my life now and keep Kelly-Anne's name alive. The week ahead will bring more changes to my life... I sense a turning point is coming. Change will happen...good things are going to happen and I have to believe that the right job or the right situation will be with the Lord's guidance.

I will be put in the right place and will find meaning in whatever I will be doing. As I learnt from Kelly-Anne in her ability to persevere, I too will continue to do so.