Sunday, December 23, 2012


 The short breads are  finally baked and sitting untouched in a tin. The meat pies will be  created tomorrow. Jules and decided that this year we could keep the festivities on the quiet side and just enjoy the time together. Somehow, plans have a way of changing and we have ended up accepting  invitations from friends to join in their festivities. And that is okay...I'll just share some of my goodies with them. We can't show up empty handed.

Jules though it fitting to play some Christmas music this  morning while I baked. The song I'll be Home for Christmas just seemed to hit a nerve and I found myself thinking about Kelly-Anne again not being here with  us. My thoughts also led me to  the many who have lost their life recently to homicide in particular the three darling children who's mother has been accused of  killing them in Drummondville. I have such a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that a mother took the lives of her own beloved children. My thoughts are also with  the  children of Guy Turcotte  who he killed. He is a free man this Christmas and I  just can't get over that fact. All this to say that our Canadian justice system needs alot of revamping.

Christmas is the time  for  family. It is not about  what is wrapped under the tree, but more about why we celebrate  Christmas. We are looking forward to going to church on Christmas Eve and rejoicing in the birth of The Saviour.

Our family is looking forward to the birth of our grandchild. Next Christmas will be different as the baby will consume our  holiday season with love and joy.

Whatever your beliefs are, I wish you a very  Merry Christmas and all the best for a Happy, Healthy and Loving New Year. Peace,  joy, acceptance and understand of  others is something our society needs to work on.  My hope for the year to come is that we can all respect one another and the value of each other's life.

Monday, December 10, 2012

My New Chapter

What should I call it...Grand motherhood perhaps ? Someone pointed out to me that I am already a Grandmother. Hum....after thinking about that statement for one silent minute, I spoke up and said  yes, I am already a grandmother! A tiny living being  with a heart that beats lives in Kim's belly.

I should know better, as I look at babies every day  who are being carried by excited moms. Babies that suck their  fingers and play with their toes while nestled in the womb. They are living little people waiting for nature to tell them that it is their time to face the world.

I wait in anticipation  to hold that new baby in my arms. I fear my emotions as our family welcomes a new member. I fear how heartbroken I will be that Kelly-Anne will not be here on the physical earth to share the joy. I  know that I have to be brave.

I saw the joy and beauty in Kim's face last week. She is going to be the best mother ever. That baby will be so loved. The baby's father is the  man of my dreams of what I always wanted for my daughter. I could not be happier to have him as part of our family. I have been truly blessed.

Now, me...what kind of grandmother will I be. Some tell me it is a completely different  situation than having one of  your own. Others tell me that  I will not be able to keep myself away from the child. It is going to be tough as the baby will be living out west. Will I visit twice a year, will Kim visit....I can only take it one day at a time. There are too many thoughts and questions passing through my brain these days and I know I cannot let what I cannot control affect me.

I know that Kelly-Anne is  totally elated for Kim. I know that she is helping Kim and is the baby's angel. How will the baby get to know about Aunty Kelly-Anne? What will Kim tell the baby? I know we still have few years before that conversation happens. Kim will find the right words when it is the right time.

A  new chapter in out lives approaches. I can only be thankful for this blessing bestowed upon our family. No matter the distance between us, there will  always be love and support.

So my dear grandchild, rest well  for a few more months in your mommy's tummy. Give her a few kicks now and then to remind her that you are a tough little cookie. We will welcome you with open arms and many hugs and kisses. You are already so loved.   xxxx