Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Message from a Stranger

A few months ago, I was at my hairdresser getting  a hair revamp if I may call it that. While sitting and waiting  for the dye to settle on my  roots I picked up a conversation with a  women  next to me. For me, it is a common occurrence to  talk to people while at the hairdresser.  The women told me that she was retired from the hospital where Kelly-Anne had  succumb to her wounds. We talked for only  a short while and she told  me a little about her work and  I  told her  how amazing that hospital is but sadly Kelly-Anne could not be saved. It wasn't a long conversation as we both shortly went off to our hair stylist for our cuts.

The lady finished getting her cut  prior to me but before she left the salon she came to where I was  and said," You know we may  never meet again, but I feel that your daughter Kelly-Anne sent me here today to give you a message. I feel that it was meant that we meet  today. I want to give  you her message that she wants you to be happy and to do what  you need to do to move forward." I sat there with tears streaming down my face as my  hairdresser gently patted my arm.

I have not forgotten that moment and feel the same as that lady, that we were meant to meet that day so she could give me a message. I realized that  after that meeting, my life started to  change even more so. Another page was turned  which included more healing and acceptance of Kelly-Anne's  death. It was like a weight was lifted off my  shoulders. I know now that  Kelly-Anne is at peace. She is alright and still continues to watch over all of her family and friends. She knows she is not forgotten. Now I can move forward with my not fear the future, to embrace every day as a new  day, a gift. I am able to say that I love my life, my husband, my daughters, my grandchild, my son -in law, my three crazy feline friends, my human friends and my business and my employees.

Life has fallen into place. I am where I am suppose to be right now. Thank you to the lady delivering that special message from Kelly-Anne. I  do not even know her name, but know that she was sent from Kelly-Anne that day.   Kelly-Anne used this angel on earth to get to me. How wonderful is that.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lost For Words

In the early morning of April 2nd our granddaughter made her entrance into our world. Lost for words is how  I can only describe what I felt at that moment. Obviously we knew for the last  nine months that  Kim was going to have a baby, but when the moment of her birth day finally arrived, this little person literally took my breath away. It has taken me since then to sit in front of  my blog to write about her beauty, her body language, her hair and how alert she is. I am in awe and finding the words  to describe how I feel is  really not easy, even now.

Each day I  see new pictures of her....she looks like she loves her little outfits. She shows  us her large  hands and long artistic looking fingers...what is all that about I ask....oh maybe she will play an instrument or  enjoy drawing. Only the future will tell. What I did not expect was the amount of dark hair and how much she looks like Kim when  Kim was born. Seeing my  daughter so blissfully in love  with her baby and her partner brings me so much joy.

Now how do I really feel being a new grandmother........proud, energized, walking  on a cloud. She has changed my life. I am only angry over one thing which has brought me to tears and that is why isn't Kelly-Anne not here to share this moment with us. So not  right...just imagine if she were with us on earth, Kell would have stopped what ever she was  doing,  hopped on a plane and surprised Kim.  Kell  would of embraced this occasion in  her own special way. I know Kelly-Anne knows that she is an auntie now and I know she is watching over the baby. But my heart is still in pain. 

I rejoice that my granddaughter is healthy, that she is loved and surrounded by wonderful people. Jules  and I look forward to our  trip out west this spring. We can't wait to take her needs to learn at a young age how to shop for a bargain !

I feel now I can relate to all the new grandmothers - to -be who come into my office on a daily basis. They are so excited to have a first hand peek of  their grandchild. New birth, new life, such a beautiful gift to be appreciated, to be love and respected.

I am embracing the time I have with my granddaughter. I am proud of Kim and know she and  her partner will be exceptional parents. Oh how motherhood and grandmother hood  can change you...I have truly won the lotto !!