Monday, December 22, 2014

'Tis the Season

The tree and  house are decorated and the baking is completed. We await the family and the sparkle of  Paige's eyes. This Christmas season I  vow to  be happy and embrace my family and the spirit of new birth.  I am still  reminded each day of how Kelly-Anne is such a apart of our lives and how her soul is in our Paige, our greatest gift. I am also  reminded of Christmas past and how Kelly-Anne loved the season. And for her, I smile because that is what she would expect me to do.

This past month we heard of  the deaths of eight innocent children in Australia, and three American police officers in the line of duty. All slain. I wish for once we could really have  peace on earth...but the only thing I can do is bring about peace in my life and help those near me. We all can't carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. It just pains me that  others have to suffer and that lives are snuffed out.

This is the season of peace and hope. I ask you to share the season with your loved ones and to remember those who are in need.

I look towards the new year to come with anticipation, excitement and change. I do not know what lies ahead but I am ready to embrace  2015. Season's greetings to all.

Life is a gift...use it well.