Sunday, November 29, 2009

Remembering Kelly-Anne: Part 1

Kelly-Anne's beautiful birthday cake made lovingly from

La Conca d'Oro

Boulanger P√Ętisserie Charcuterie

2549, Jean-Talon east

Montreal, Quebec

I walked into this established Montreal family bakery for the first time yesterday and very quickly felt the warmth of community and love. They graciously prepared this cake which had a mocha coffee filling and Kelly-Anne 's smile embossed in the centre. Seeing the cake and not knowing what they had did, resulted in a melt down right there in the shop. The other pastries that they provided for the evening were outstanding and so delicately made and the pizza was the way I like it. I don't usually plug in businesses on my blog , but not speaking about La Conca d'Oro would be unfair as they were very much a part of last night's success. Give yourself a break this Christmas and let them do your baking. This bakery is in the heart of the ethic community and have wonderful Italian products.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blessings in Disguise

I learnt last week that the distribution centre where I worked and was laid off from will close its doors his coming February. Actually, it will close exactly one year to the date of when I was let go. Now, 150 people including the managers that gave me the news that my job was abolished will be out of a job. Sadly there are many couples that work in that building which means that both will be out of work. When I heard the news I was not at all surprised as the writing was on the wall for the past few years. I thought how interesting that I was spared from this ordeal of a closure.

This past February I was saddened of course to loose my job, but my rough patch is now over. I know exactly how these workers are feeling and they will have to face allot in the upcoming new year.

Why was I spared the stress of having to go thought his with everyone else? I feel that I was one of the chosen few.......that maybe God chose me to leave first and make my way on my own....and yes on my own. These employees leaving in February will receive support and help. I got practically zilch from the company with exception of two half days with a firm who helped make a worthless c.v. Maybe it's the strong ones that are forced to go on their own and make their own way. At least this Christmas will not be dismal for me as it will be for those who know that they face the new year without employment.

God never told us that life would be easy. Many have crosses to bear and I surely carry mine every day of my life. Learning to adapt and take control of difficult situations such as job losses is not an easy thing to's a matter of survival and at the end of the day we are all on our own, finding our own way.

I thank God and Kelly-Anne that now two months into my job, I am happy learning new things in a positive environment with wonderful people surrounding me. I can leave the past behind and move forward as today would have been my completion of 28 years of service. I am smiling today as I have a sense of peace in my heart as today is the first day of my new life. As Kelly-Anne once said " just put one foot in front of the other and walk", and that is what I have been doing each day for the past two months, on my new life's journey.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Let's Talk About Conjugal Violence

Today, the Quebec government announced it's campaign to promote the responsibility of all Quebecers to a stand against conjugal violence. The statistics are still much too high in Quebec. There is an article in today's Gazette entitled "Quebec Enlists Public to Combat Conjugal Violence".

Also, here is the link the the government's website. This is just not an issue that relates to Quebec only. Conjugal violence exists in every province, state and country.

The website offers advice to people who may know of someone who is a victim of abuse. They have even included information about creating a rescue plan.

Because of recent hard economic times where many people have lost jobs, it is so easy for couples to argue and at as what we have read in the media there have been some terrible life ending consequences for some families. We all have to be vigilant and take the time to be aware of what is going on in our communities. If you know a family that is going through hard times, take the time to talk to them. You don't have to be a psychologist to listen to people and if you see things that are not right, speak to someone that could help the family. You may be saving lives.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

What would Kelly-Anne have done?

These past few months have been a roller coaster ride of emotions coupled with decisions and new beginnings. I found myself contemplating issues and asking often how would Kell-Anne have dealt with a particular situation or what would she have done. I find I take the time to analysis what would have been her view and try to handle issues the same way. Well I think it's working...I haven't cracked yet.

I certainly have been thinking of her alto as we had to face her fifth anniversary of her untimely, horrific death , the slap in the face of the murdered asking for an appeal, the rugby fundraiser and now the lifesaving fundraiser coming up on Kell's what would have been 30th birthday.

And of course I started new job in September, Jules and I both got colds and his ended up in a pneumonia. Facing the new daily routine of going to work downtown has been an eye opener to the poverty and homelessness that exist in Montreal. The same four people sit every day in the metro where I get off and beg for money. Some will hold the doors and have their hand opened to spare change, others will play their guitars, some look spaced out and others are just sleeping.

I know for a fact that Kelly-Anne would have probably ran to McDonald's and fed these people even if she didn't have money to spend on a meal for herself...that is how generous she was.I remember on Christmas eve in downtown Montreal. We had just arrived in front of the church and their across the street was a young homeless man. Kell jumped out of the car and tried to go purchase food at MacDonald's to give him but the restaurant was closed.

I am trying to tell myself to be a little bit more generous to others. Jules tells me that I should give them each some money for Christmas. I thought that maybe I will buy gifts certificates from McDonald's and put one in each of their cups. At least they will be able to eat something.

Kelly-Anne led by example and it is her example of kindness and generosity that I must follow. Kelly-Anne has sustained me these past months. Her spirit is ever so near and as we celebrate her life next Saturday, I know her presence at the cocktail will not be far away.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sesame Street

"Come and play, everything is a o.k..." remembering those words and realizing that Sesame Street has now been around for 40 years hit a cord this week. Memories of Kelly-Anne, so vivid as if it were yesterday, she standing in front of the t.v. dancing to that song at the introduction of the show each morning, reminds me of just how much she loved the show.

She could not have been more than two years old and thought that Big Bird was her hero. Dancing in front of the t.v. with her curly hair and that big smile reminds me of the beautiful memories of her early childhood. I remember the Bird Bird slippers, t-shirts, pj's, birthday cake pan and numerous other souvenirs of the show. Kelly-Anne and Kim both had Bert and Ernie dolls , Cookie monster, Grouch, and of course Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Watching that show was an education in itself. Remember the number and letter of the day? Kelly-Anne got a kick out of that. The show is still on, but most of us who do not have young children or grandchildren probably never watch the show anymore.

A television show running for 40 years says alot...what other show has ran that long?

These are the sweet memories of innocent and precious. Even in life's dramas,we can never let go of the memories of the special moments of childhood....that's what keeps me going.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kelly-Anne Drummond Cocktail Fundraiser

In honor of Kelly-Anne's 30th birthday, please join us as we remember Kelly-Anne, celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Lifesaving Society and recognize the dedication and talents of the many competitive lifeguards in Quebec.

The Kelly-Anne Drummond Cocktail Fundraiser
Saturday November 28th 2009.
7:00 p.m.
Donation: $50.00
Dollard Des Ormeaux Aquatic Centre
12,001 de la Salaberry, Dollard des Ormeaux
Tickets can be purchased by calling the Lifesaving Society at 514-252-3100
We will have on hand a representative of Epicure Selections who will have gift bags containing thee lovely spice bottles for $ 21.00. For each bag sold, Epicure will donate $5.00 to the foundation.
Lolipop glass art's famous Jonathan Leon will be donating his world known pieces of art jewellery to our silent auction.
There will be raffle tickets for great prizes. Wine, beer and food will be offered.
Come join us and support our competetive lifeguards. Remember, this is the only sports which saves lives.