Monday, October 31, 2011

Kelly-Anne Drummond Cocktail Fundraiser, 7th Edition

The Societé de Sauvetage du Québec and the Family of

Kelly-Anne Drummond

cordially invite you to attend the Cocktail Fundraiser

in memory of



Saturday, November 26th 2011


6:00 p.m.

The Dollard des Ormeaux Aquatic Centre

12001, De La Salaberry

Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec

Donation: $50.00 per person

Come and enjoy this annual event as we remember Kelly-Anne. We celebrate her love of life, her accomplishments as a competitive lifeguard and her example of sportsmanship,as she has continued to inspire our lifeguards.

“ Competitive life guarding is the only sport that saves lives.”

To reserve your tickets, please call 514-252-3100

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay

It was such a bittersweet day. I was proud to be a part of the relay honoring Rick Hansen and his outstanding dedication to helping those who live with spinal cord injuries. He has raised awareness, while also raising millions of dollars for spinal cord research across the globe. The relay across Canada encompasses 7,000 Canadians who are making a difference, therefore I was honored to be apart of this selected group. Rick inspires me to continue to forge forward.It is possible for all of us,if we believe and work towards our goals.

I walked today in memory of Kelly-Anne as she too sustained a fatal spinal cord injury when she was attacked by her killer. I pray that through Rick's work, one day a cure will be found for spinal cord injuries such as Kelly-Anne's and for the many other types of SCI that do occur due to accidents,injuries and trauma.

I met incredible people today from Rick's team...and that's what they are... team players and other Quebecers who are also making a difference in their daily lives.

I thought about Kell and how she would of loved to have participated in this event. When the official metal was placed over my neck, I felt that Kell was with me and that that she was basking in those moments with me. Strange as life sometimes is, I passed the metal to a girl who now goes to Kell's old high school and trains at syncro at the DDO pool. Here mother told me that she always wondered who Kelly-Anne was as she noticed the conference room in her honor at the pool.

The above photo shows my hat and a replica keepsake of the metal which I received today.I have placed the metal near Kelly-Anne's photo as it is a tribute to her.

Today's event allowed me again to keep Kelly-Anne's memory alive!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

With the fragrant smell of apple pies baking this evening, Thanksgiving Weekend seems to be in full swing. However, I did remark to Jules that it seems more like Labour day weekend as he returned to don his shorts and flip flops.

We took our yearly drive to St-Joseph de Lac this morning. This quaint town is nested in beautiful scenery of little rolling hills and many apple orchards.We ate breakfast in a resto on the main drag then went off to pick up apples and other apple delicacies. Jules and I reminisced about the time Kelly-Anne made the trip with us. We remembered that both girls did join us on separate occasions for apple picking. I also thought back when the girls were in primary school and the many apple picking trips that they participated in. Anyone who has been apple picking will remember those long red ladders where the students easily climbed to reach the perfect red apple.

I had a nice surprise visit from Rachel today. Please remember to visit her blog at ( Remembering a Friend )

Even in Kelly-Anne's death, Rachel continues to be a faithful friend to her. Each time that I have seen Rachel in the past seven years she has continued to be strong and has forged forward in her life which includes a husband, travel and an amazing career. She, like Kim, remind me of what Kelly-Anne's life should of been like.

Today I also reflected on what I am thankful for. The list seems abundant and endless. Topping the list is being thankful for my health, Kim, Jules, the cats, my family,friends and that I was blessed with Kelly-Anne for 24 years on this earth. I continue to be blessed by her spirit, her love and guidance from above.

I wish each and everyone of you a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving and that you will share this occassion with the ones you love.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Have We learnt from Kelly-Anne

As I was lying in bed last night, I started to think about how Kelly-Anne has changed the people around her and those who may have never met her. No one can change another person, but I feel that Kelly-Anne with her legacy is helping people to make the changes that they need to do for themselves.

I sat quietly in my office and reflected about her especially today being the anniversary of her passing.

I though about who she was as a person and the obstacles she faced to be a better student, to excel at sports and to be compassionate to others. Kelly-Anne taught me to persevere. That lesson I use everyday whether it is in the workplace,or with the challenges I face having her not by my side. Kelly-Anne also taught me to be positive about everything in my life and to take things one day at a time. She also taught me that I am capable of learning and to keep my mind open to opportunities and experiences I may of thought never possible.

I believe that Kelly-Anne is watching over us and that the people most closest to her in life, and to some who were her voice in court. I believe she has not forgotten anyone. She has taught us to BELIEVE in ourselves and everything that is possible if we really want it. I have learnt where my priorities are placed. Family and friends are first on the list. I don't sweat the small stuff as there are always more important things to deal with. Friends that are solely absorbed in themselves, I have no time for as the world just doesn't revolve around one person. I am fortunate to have true friends around me who I can share my life and theirs equally.

Strange things have happened over the last seven years. I have found myself at times saying to out loud 'hey, thanks Kell' or asking Kell to help me out on something that was stressing me, and she would. Kell even knows where we live. Soon after we moved into our new home, I was standing in the kitchen looking towards the living room. Sylvester was sitting on a chair and we both saw at the same time a "swoosh" going from the sofa to the door. I know it wasn't just me as Sylvester watched the motion to. (Cats have a good sense of these things I believe.)

Kelly-Anne taught me to laugh at ourselves....hey I do that all the time! So today in my daughter's memory I would ask you to smile at yourself for being who are and if Kelly-Anne has graced your world and helped you to make changes well "encore mieux" ( even better)!

Laugh, Love, Learn, Preserve and Smile!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another New Beginning

October 3rd 2011 will soon be here. It’s hard to believe that we have lived our lives the past seven years without Kelly-Anne. Yes, she is here in spirit, but I wish I could hug her and take my fingers and twirl them through her many curly locks on her head.

Monday is a new beginning. I will start to work in a happy place, a place of new life and new beginnings for pregnant women. I will meet young women, Kelly-Anne’s age having babies. The smiles, the anticipation coupled with the excitement of soon to meet their new little one. Mothers with their daughters, their first grandchild, oh I just envy them. Gosh, the smiles, they are all so very happy and that makes me happy.

Today I think of what would of been, what would Kell look like, would she of kept her hair long and curly, would she of had a baby of her own, how many other trips would she of taken. Seven years lost, seven years of our pain, tears, frustrations and adjustments.

I know that Jules and I have changed. Actually anyone who was close to Kelly-Anne or touched by her tragic passing has changed. It’s impossible not to of have.

Life has evolved on our merry go round. Some of it has passed me by so quickly, I can hardly remember certain aspects of my past. But what I am reminded of is my pain, my lost and that forgiveness is still not an option.

Many may think that I should forgive and that I will be healed within myself. I do not agree. I will heal my way in my time. My closest friend remarked recently that she felt I had made great strides, as I am able now to accept and love another man that has come into our lives. Just I being able to do so tells me that I am not bitter against other young men, that I am able to allow myself to love.

Kelly-Anne has helped me with all that. Marty was a bad apple and it doesn’t mean that all men are like that. She has helped me to open my heart again.

If anyone has to forgive Marty, it will be Kelly-Anne. Will that happen? Your answer is the same as mine. We will never know until we die.

My life without Kelly-Anne beside me has not been easy. I continue to ask myself often, what would Kell have done in certain situations that I face daily.

Even after seven years, the community has not forgotten Kelly-Anne. Just last evening Concordia Ladies Rugby hosted the annual match with McGill. Concordia continues to retain the Kelly-Anne Cup for its third consecutive year. Kelly-Anne’s friends were there to support the cause as were many who never met Kelly-Anne. Women Aware will receive the proceeds of the game. All for a good cause!

The community remembers Kelly-Anne’s life and also how she died. People still want to hear her story, as I as her mother have been fortunate to have opportunities to continue to speak about Kelly-Anne. She accomplished so much in 24 years and her legacy continues. We must never forget how she died and that story will help change and educate the lives of many others.

Even though working on projects is emotionally draining for myself, it also affects the people working with me. I have begun the first phase of a film that I know teenagers will find compelling. It’s all good even if it brings me back to 2004. If this is what it takes to save lives and build awareness, then Kelly-Anne death is not in vain. And for that I continue to be her voice.

Dear Kelly-Anne, you are forever close to our hearts and will never be forgotten.