Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay

It was such a bittersweet day. I was proud to be a part of the relay honoring Rick Hansen and his outstanding dedication to helping those who live with spinal cord injuries. He has raised awareness, while also raising millions of dollars for spinal cord research across the globe. The relay across Canada encompasses 7,000 Canadians who are making a difference, therefore I was honored to be apart of this selected group. Rick inspires me to continue to forge forward.It is possible for all of us,if we believe and work towards our goals.

I walked today in memory of Kelly-Anne as she too sustained a fatal spinal cord injury when she was attacked by her killer. I pray that through Rick's work, one day a cure will be found for spinal cord injuries such as Kelly-Anne's and for the many other types of SCI that do occur due to accidents,injuries and trauma.

I met incredible people today from Rick's team...and that's what they are... team players and other Quebecers who are also making a difference in their daily lives.

I thought about Kell and how she would of loved to have participated in this event. When the official metal was placed over my neck, I felt that Kell was with me and that that she was basking in those moments with me. Strange as life sometimes is, I passed the metal to a girl who now goes to Kell's old high school and trains at syncro at the DDO pool. Here mother told me that she always wondered who Kelly-Anne was as she noticed the conference room in her honor at the pool.

The above photo shows my hat and a replica keepsake of the metal which I received today.I have placed the metal near Kelly-Anne's photo as it is a tribute to her.

Today's event allowed me again to keep Kelly-Anne's memory alive!

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