Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

With the fragrant smell of apple pies baking this evening, Thanksgiving Weekend seems to be in full swing. However, I did remark to Jules that it seems more like Labour day weekend as he returned to don his shorts and flip flops.

We took our yearly drive to St-Joseph de Lac this morning. This quaint town is nested in beautiful scenery of little rolling hills and many apple orchards.We ate breakfast in a resto on the main drag then went off to pick up apples and other apple delicacies. Jules and I reminisced about the time Kelly-Anne made the trip with us. We remembered that both girls did join us on separate occasions for apple picking. I also thought back when the girls were in primary school and the many apple picking trips that they participated in. Anyone who has been apple picking will remember those long red ladders where the students easily climbed to reach the perfect red apple.

I had a nice surprise visit from Rachel today. Please remember to visit her blog at ( Remembering a Friend )

Even in Kelly-Anne's death, Rachel continues to be a faithful friend to her. Each time that I have seen Rachel in the past seven years she has continued to be strong and has forged forward in her life which includes a husband, travel and an amazing career. She, like Kim, remind me of what Kelly-Anne's life should of been like.

Today I also reflected on what I am thankful for. The list seems abundant and endless. Topping the list is being thankful for my health, Kim, Jules, the cats, my family,friends and that I was blessed with Kelly-Anne for 24 years on this earth. I continue to be blessed by her spirit, her love and guidance from above.

I wish each and everyone of you a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving and that you will share this occassion with the ones you love.

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Love you! Thanks for the visit.