Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Have We learnt from Kelly-Anne

As I was lying in bed last night, I started to think about how Kelly-Anne has changed the people around her and those who may have never met her. No one can change another person, but I feel that Kelly-Anne with her legacy is helping people to make the changes that they need to do for themselves.

I sat quietly in my office and reflected about her especially today being the anniversary of her passing.

I though about who she was as a person and the obstacles she faced to be a better student, to excel at sports and to be compassionate to others. Kelly-Anne taught me to persevere. That lesson I use everyday whether it is in the workplace,or with the challenges I face having her not by my side. Kelly-Anne also taught me to be positive about everything in my life and to take things one day at a time. She also taught me that I am capable of learning and to keep my mind open to opportunities and experiences I may of thought never possible.

I believe that Kelly-Anne is watching over us and that the people most closest to her in life, and to some who were her voice in court. I believe she has not forgotten anyone. She has taught us to BELIEVE in ourselves and everything that is possible if we really want it. I have learnt where my priorities are placed. Family and friends are first on the list. I don't sweat the small stuff as there are always more important things to deal with. Friends that are solely absorbed in themselves, I have no time for as the world just doesn't revolve around one person. I am fortunate to have true friends around me who I can share my life and theirs equally.

Strange things have happened over the last seven years. I have found myself at times saying to out loud 'hey, thanks Kell' or asking Kell to help me out on something that was stressing me, and she would. Kell even knows where we live. Soon after we moved into our new home, I was standing in the kitchen looking towards the living room. Sylvester was sitting on a chair and we both saw at the same time a "swoosh" going from the sofa to the door. I know it wasn't just me as Sylvester watched the motion to. (Cats have a good sense of these things I believe.)

Kelly-Anne taught me to laugh at ourselves....hey I do that all the time! So today in my daughter's memory I would ask you to smile at yourself for being who are and if Kelly-Anne has graced your world and helped you to make changes well "encore mieux" ( even better)!

Laugh, Love, Learn, Preserve and Smile!

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