Wednesday, December 19, 2018

2018 A Redefining Year

It's December and here we are  just short of a week to Christmas. It has been quite a year. For the most part it is been a year of redefining who I am. 2018 was an interesting but  different kind of year. The best part  was the arrival of Sam and our trip to Cuba. Sam gave us quite a scare when he entered this world, but with the loving support of his family, the doctors and nurses, he is now one amazing little boy.

Earlier this year I took a course called Boundaries. It is Christian based. This course allowed me to better understand  how I could define  my own boundaries of what I wanted and my expectations from others. I redefined what was important to me...was it a high stressed job, a full time position with long days or was I going to work on my terms. Was I to reinvent myself at my age? Yes !

Luckily, I was able to take on a couple different contractual roles which kept me busy, but  lying  deep in my subconscious there was something aching that I wanted to was it going to happen? I was told when it is the right time, it will  happen. I kept asking God and Kelly-Anne to send me a sign...what's going on...I  need direction. Finally, the sign came and I knew I was in the right place with the right boss! I stuck to my plan...a part time job in property administration.....four years as volunteer President of a condo syndicate paid off . The sign was obvious...I asked the person interviewing me what year the building was built. She responds with 1979....I sat there and heard a Kelly-Anne chuckle. It was the year that Kelly-Anne was born. I smiled and said to myself...thanks Kell. I felt that sudden peace and knew I had the job.

This year I was able to establish with Concordia University a scholarship in Kelly-Anne's name. This award will allow women to have the opportunity to study at Concordia while playing Rugby. It's exciting to be a part of this project.

I was also fortunate to has been invited to the McGill Faculty of Law to address graduating law students. I also continue to work on a project that I hope will lessen the suffering of the families of victims regarding parole hearings for homicide offenders.

I realized that nearing retirement age doesn't mean that I have to sit home and become a couch potato. It actually means I get to use all the stuff I learnt throughout my career and apply it in other areas where I can continue to make a different or use it to create change in our society.

I am excited for 2019.  It will be a year of change, learning and living. This year it will be about Kelly-Anne and her legacy, my life with our  family and friends. I am following in Kelly-Anne's footsteps... doing what she would be doing, smiling, laughing and loving.

As you share the reason for the season around the dining room table this Christmas, remember those that are less fortunate. Running into McDonald's on a Christmas Eve to pick up a meal to feed a homeless person was something spontaneous that  Kelly-Anne would do. An act of your kindness can make a difference.

Merry Christmas !