Saturday, November 19, 2016

You tube video of Kelly-Anne's birthday is fast approaching.  She would have been 37  years old. It too  painful today to of what her life would of been like had she not been savagely murdered.

Today I feel sentimental and happy to see this video on You Tube. I guess I had  forgotten that  it was there.

I just want to share it with you.

My New Adventure

Well the new adventure began this past fall. No sooner did I blog about my morning solitude with a good cup of coffee that I landed a new position...Did I not say I wanted a part time job? That is exactly what I  got ! Three days a week in downtown Montreal, in the  heart of the city.

The commuter train and a 20 minute power walk brings me to my office. A pair of Sketchers don my  feet even with a skirt or dress. I notice more and more women are picking up this new fashion trend on the train. The runners sure make a difference in my morning and evening trek. I am actually starting to pity the women in their heels trying to keep up with me. 

I am back in Human Resources, a field which I realize now I really excel at. The office is quiet, the  people are God loving and each day brings laughter, a smile from someone, a new learning curve and the satisfaction that I am making a difference once again. It's the kind of stress that I love, the business of  getting things done.

Being on the train allows my mind to think and at times over think. One morning  we approached Montreal West station which is not to far from Concordia, I started to think about how Kell once made a  film at that  station. It was for one of her communication classes.  I saw students and teachers getting off the train and wondered if  Kell would of ever  had  an opportunity to teach or coach at Concordia. Both would of been amazing. I find myself tearing up  and of course the  frustration of she not having the opportunities makes me very angry.

I continue to forge forward in this new position. I know Kelly-Anne is happy that I am there. I know I belong there.

Oh and about that morning coffee..... a loaded Starbucks app is only a pay button away.

Montreal Barbarian Fundraiser

Kelly-Anne 's memory  continues to be kept alive by her friends  from the Montreal Barbarian Rugby Club. Next Saturday, December 3rd, they will host a fundraiser in remembering  Kelly-Anne  in Pointe-Claire.
This yearly event supports the youth and junior players as they master the game of rugby.
The fun starts at 4:00 p.m. with an all you can eat spaghetti dinner. The donation is $25.00 per person.

There will be a silent auction, raffles and music from our dear Dave Moran who selflessly donates his time and talents every year to this event.

For more details, please visit the

Come and toast Kelly-Anne and support  the Barbs.... a club that Kelly-Anne loved and  made amazing friends.