Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Dream

I had the strangest dream last night,or at least I thought is was strange until I really gave it some serious thought this morning. I dreamt that I was taking care of a little boy who was Kim's son. He was about four years old. I was taking him to a zoo, but in order to get to the zoo, I had to  carry him in my arms and wade through the ocean. Once we arrived at the zoo we met his father who surprised us with a visit. The father is someone that I know but in my dream his name was Andrew Short. ( I don't know anyone with that name).

When it was time to return back home I headed back to the ocean with the little boy but I became afraid as I saw sharks two by two swimming by us. I said that we can't go into the water so we headed for a wooded cabin on the beach. In the cabin were many people. I said to the people that I have to get home but can't pass through the ocean because of the sharks. Everyone ignored me. I walked back out to the ocean. I realized then that as I continued to watch the fish sail by me that they were not sharks but porpoises or dolphins. I then woke up.

Once I could think clearly, I realized that the dolphins in my dream were so beautiful,graceful and harmless. We all know that when there are dolphins swimming in the ocean, there are no sharks nearby. I guess the message I retained from this dream is that I do not have to be worried as I am being watched over by Kelly-Anne and her dolphins.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Cruel Reminder

Tragedy has struck the state of Arizona today. A gunman selfishly takes the lives of eight innocent people and critically injures others among them Congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords. Why? A casual Saturday morning at a Safeway grocery store, people gather to hear the Congresswomen speak to her people. Citizens who Gilford respected and who in turn respected and looked up to her as their leader.

Sudden death, violence and again the black cloud hovering over the victims and their families. This heinous act reminds us of how precious each day is.

Earlier this week as Tony Proudfoot, former football player and teacher was laid to rest after he lost his battle with ALS, we were all reminded of his view on life. "Suck it up" were his words of wisdom to his family and friends that were reiterated at his funeral.

Each day is important as we do not know what the future holds for any of us. We wine and become frustrated over petty things. We stop talking to our friends and families because we are disturbed with their actions, beliefs or lifestyle.

For those victims murdered today, their families never got to say goodbye,never were able to tell them on their last day on earth how much they loved them. Is that what we all want? To live with the I should of's ?

Loosing Kelly-Anne suddenly, reminds me that life is precious and that going forward I am and will always be a caring and concerned mother, wife and friend to those around me.

So suck it up...get over it and embrace each day. I know I have.