Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Dream

I had the strangest dream last night,or at least I thought is was strange until I really gave it some serious thought this morning. I dreamt that I was taking care of a little boy who was Kim's son. He was about four years old. I was taking him to a zoo, but in order to get to the zoo, I had to  carry him in my arms and wade through the ocean. Once we arrived at the zoo we met his father who surprised us with a visit. The father is someone that I know but in my dream his name was Andrew Short. ( I don't know anyone with that name).

When it was time to return back home I headed back to the ocean with the little boy but I became afraid as I saw sharks two by two swimming by us. I said that we can't go into the water so we headed for a wooded cabin on the beach. In the cabin were many people. I said to the people that I have to get home but can't pass through the ocean because of the sharks. Everyone ignored me. I walked back out to the ocean. I realized then that as I continued to watch the fish sail by me that they were not sharks but porpoises or dolphins. I then woke up.

Once I could think clearly, I realized that the dolphins in my dream were so beautiful,graceful and harmless. We all know that when there are dolphins swimming in the ocean, there are no sharks nearby. I guess the message I retained from this dream is that I do not have to be worried as I am being watched over by Kelly-Anne and her dolphins.

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