Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And Kelly-Anne's Legacy Continues.....

In 2003 Kelly-Anne worked as a production assistant for a film being produced here in Montreal. I remember her telling me about it. She was excited as she had just graduated from Concordia in Communications. She had a passion for film, especially sound.

The years went by and I never thought throughout my grief about the film. I feel sad about that as I wonder now what else have I forgot about Kelly-Anne and her accomplishments.

Last week Kell's father received an envelope in the mail addressed to Kelly-Anne. Low and behold it was an invitation for Kell to attend the screening of the finally finished film called Dreams and Mirrors. We got in contact with the producer to let her know what happened to Kelly-Anne. She was totally un aware and in shock. It pained me to talk to her about it.I felt so bad for her and how she must of felt when she finally found out. The strange irony is that the producer called the writer and told her about it. The writer knew of our tradegy and our story but never knew that Kelly-Anne worked on the film.

This Saturday we will be there for the screening. The film is being dedicated in Kelly-Anne's memory.

Another irony, the film is about violence against women.

Kelly-Anne continues to life on through so many facets and now her dream has come be a part of a film that has been completed. What an honor!

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