Saturday, February 26, 2011

What I Learnt this Month

I am happy in some ways that February is almost over. It has been a trying month both health and work wise. This past month we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary along with St. Valentine's and of course I was pampered with roses, chocolates, cards and lots of love.

I also had a learning curve about life. Here is a list of what I learnt this month:

1. I learnt that we have a terrible shortage of family doctors and as Jules and I discussed with our doctor this past week, if we do not go regularly to our family doctor the government will assume we do not need a family doctor and soon the aging population of GP's here in Quebec will not be replaced.So please visit your family doctor once a year...not just to keep them happy but to make sure your health is in tack.

2. I learnt that my health is the most important thing that I own and that I will not let any job or stressful event in my life compromise that.

3. I learnt that Kelly-Anne touched people's lives unknown to me. I had the opportunity of meeting some of these people last weekend at the screening of Dreams & Mirrors and know that I now have created new and stimulating relationships.

4. I learnt that I really do not like Claims Management and want to work more with people.

5. I learnt this month that Facebook is so superficial. I left Facebook over a month or so ago and the majority of my friends on my Facebook list haven't even bothered to drop me an email to say hi. Needless to say I haven't emailed many of my friends so there you go, Facebook is really a waste of time.

6. I learnt this month that those golden relationships with my old colleagues at HBC are still so alive.One old friend who I considered like my younger brother called me this week. These relationships that have endured at least 17 years are so lasting and sadly no matter how many more jobs I have in my life, the relationships will never be as bonding as those I had at HBC. The people at HBC walked with me through my grief. These friends shared my lost and I know now that no matter where I work, any eventual employer will never understand the complex issue of homicide, sudden loss and it's impact. Nor can I expect them to understand.

7. I learnt this past month that the dolphins are protecting me.( read my entry about My Dream) I learnt that the man in my dream who I called Andrew Short does exist. The one I found when I Googled his name ironically has the same birthday as Kelly-Anne. I can't seem to figure out that one.

8. I learnt I can no longer drink coffee unless I make it myself and that water is my favorite drink of all.

9. I learnt that Vitamin B50 Complex really is a good thing.

10. I learnt that polyps on the cervix is a common women's issue and are benign.

11. I learnt that being true to myself is the most important thing and that I can continue to face my challenges with integrity and courage.

12. I learnt that things happen for a reason and that as my journey continues, more doors will be opened, but it will be my choice as to which door I will enter.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Doreen, i like what you wrote.... Live in the present Time, there is nô past, nô future, just the présent .....
Your friend Mario