Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farrah Fawcett

Today we hear of the passing of Farrah Fawcett. What really saddens me is that she never got the chance to marry Ryan O'Neal. We heard last week that he asked her to marry him. She was on her death bed being proposed to after all this years. Such a waste of years gone by and now it is too late. There is a lesson to be learnt from all this....never put off doing today which you think you can do tomorrow. We are all so good at procrastinating, but life has a way of throwing curves at us. When death comes, it is fast and definite. The loss of that person no matter what the circumstances are is a void for all those who loved that person. I would of loved to turn back the clock and had one chance to talk to Kelly-Anne, to my parents and many others close to me who have passed on. Just one more day to day I love you and I appreciate everything that you have done for me....just one more day.

We need to remind ourselves that the people who mean much to us or have meant a lot to us need to be told so and that reconciliation is so important if we want to live our lives without the guilt once that person passes on. You know those famous words..."I should of "or "why didn't I".......we are all guilty of that.

My heart and prayers go out to Farrah's family and I hope that she will be at peace cradled in the Lord's arms.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


After attending an intimate funeral this week of the husband of a swimming friend , I was enlightened by the minister's message. I thought I would like to share some of it with you. It somehow touched a cord with me and has made me look at life again, just a little differently. Even though I consider myself a humble person, sometimes we need a little shake up.

Have you ever looked at a tombstone and noticed that each has the date of birth inscribed of the deceased, then a dash ------- then the date of death? What really is important here? Sure we were all born and we will die but the reality is it is the DASH which is the most important. That Dash represents our life, the time we spent on this earth. For some , the Dash is short and for others, very long.

What we have done in our DASH is not measured by how much money we have earned or how much money we have saved. It is not measured by what we have acquired as worldly things. It's about what we have done during that DASH. What have we contributed or gave to our family, friends and society. Who have we nurtured or cared for. What child has learnt something from us. What kind smile have we given a homeless person?

Even though Kelly-Anne's DASH was so short, she was able to do all the above and more.

I want my DASH to be filled of stories and memories that I and my family can be proud of...the giving , the sharing, the love, the nurturing, the selflessness. We all have that inside of's up to us to set the priorities straight and live out faithfully, no matter how short or how long our DASH is.

What will your DASH be?