Saturday, February 26, 2011

What I Learnt this Month

I am happy in some ways that February is almost over. It has been a trying month both health and work wise. This past month we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary along with St. Valentine's and of course I was pampered with roses, chocolates, cards and lots of love.

I also had a learning curve about life. Here is a list of what I learnt this month:

1. I learnt that we have a terrible shortage of family doctors and as Jules and I discussed with our doctor this past week, if we do not go regularly to our family doctor the government will assume we do not need a family doctor and soon the aging population of GP's here in Quebec will not be replaced.So please visit your family doctor once a year...not just to keep them happy but to make sure your health is in tack.

2. I learnt that my health is the most important thing that I own and that I will not let any job or stressful event in my life compromise that.

3. I learnt that Kelly-Anne touched people's lives unknown to me. I had the opportunity of meeting some of these people last weekend at the screening of Dreams & Mirrors and know that I now have created new and stimulating relationships.

4. I learnt that I really do not like Claims Management and want to work more with people.

5. I learnt this month that Facebook is so superficial. I left Facebook over a month or so ago and the majority of my friends on my Facebook list haven't even bothered to drop me an email to say hi. Needless to say I haven't emailed many of my friends so there you go, Facebook is really a waste of time.

6. I learnt this month that those golden relationships with my old colleagues at HBC are still so alive.One old friend who I considered like my younger brother called me this week. These relationships that have endured at least 17 years are so lasting and sadly no matter how many more jobs I have in my life, the relationships will never be as bonding as those I had at HBC. The people at HBC walked with me through my grief. These friends shared my lost and I know now that no matter where I work, any eventual employer will never understand the complex issue of homicide, sudden loss and it's impact. Nor can I expect them to understand.

7. I learnt this past month that the dolphins are protecting me.( read my entry about My Dream) I learnt that the man in my dream who I called Andrew Short does exist. The one I found when I Googled his name ironically has the same birthday as Kelly-Anne. I can't seem to figure out that one.

8. I learnt I can no longer drink coffee unless I make it myself and that water is my favorite drink of all.

9. I learnt that Vitamin B50 Complex really is a good thing.

10. I learnt that polyps on the cervix is a common women's issue and are benign.

11. I learnt that being true to myself is the most important thing and that I can continue to face my challenges with integrity and courage.

12. I learnt that things happen for a reason and that as my journey continues, more doors will be opened, but it will be my choice as to which door I will enter.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Loss

Being a news junkie sometimes has its negative side. I like to know what is going on in the world and around my community but when I read again about another Montreal murder, it makes me just wanted to scream in agony especially when an innocent person's life is taken so violently.

Today,I read that another young women is stabbed and killed in Montreal. Two men are being held by police. She was just 21 years old. We do know the facts yet. However, I ask the question again: why? Was this an issue of " If I can't have you nobody else will"
Again,is the weapon a knife? I am assuming so. Of course when I hear the word stabbing, I immediately think of a knife, as it is too close to home for me. We talk about gun control, gun registries and how the government debates these issues, but we rarely talk about knives as being the lethal weapon.

Recent statics have indicated that more crimes are committed with knives than with guns. Knives are easily accessible. We all have them in our homes. But nobody seems to really care about that. We will never band knives. To ensure that they are used for what they were intended for means that we need to continually educate the youth and adults about violence against others and that abuse of all sorts is not acceptable. It's this irrational, unspeakable rage that men use as controlling mechanism towards women that must stop.

I grieve for this young women and her family. Their lives are now forever changed. May she rest in peace and her family be surrounded with support and love.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And Kelly-Anne's Legacy Continues.....

In 2003 Kelly-Anne worked as a production assistant for a film being produced here in Montreal. I remember her telling me about it. She was excited as she had just graduated from Concordia in Communications. She had a passion for film, especially sound.

The years went by and I never thought throughout my grief about the film. I feel sad about that as I wonder now what else have I forgot about Kelly-Anne and her accomplishments.

Last week Kell's father received an envelope in the mail addressed to Kelly-Anne. Low and behold it was an invitation for Kell to attend the screening of the finally finished film called Dreams and Mirrors. We got in contact with the producer to let her know what happened to Kelly-Anne. She was totally un aware and in shock. It pained me to talk to her about it.I felt so bad for her and how she must of felt when she finally found out. The strange irony is that the producer called the writer and told her about it. The writer knew of our tradegy and our story but never knew that Kelly-Anne worked on the film.

This Saturday we will be there for the screening. The film is being dedicated in Kelly-Anne's memory.

Another irony, the film is about violence against women.

Kelly-Anne continues to life on through so many facets and now her dream has come be a part of a film that has been completed. What an honor!