Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Loss

Being a news junkie sometimes has its negative side. I like to know what is going on in the world and around my community but when I read again about another Montreal murder, it makes me just wanted to scream in agony especially when an innocent person's life is taken so violently.

Today,I read that another young women is stabbed and killed in Montreal. Two men are being held by police. She was just 21 years old. We do know the facts yet. However, I ask the question again: why? Was this an issue of " If I can't have you nobody else will"
Again,is the weapon a knife? I am assuming so. Of course when I hear the word stabbing, I immediately think of a knife, as it is too close to home for me. We talk about gun control, gun registries and how the government debates these issues, but we rarely talk about knives as being the lethal weapon.

Recent statics have indicated that more crimes are committed with knives than with guns. Knives are easily accessible. We all have them in our homes. But nobody seems to really care about that. We will never band knives. To ensure that they are used for what they were intended for means that we need to continually educate the youth and adults about violence against others and that abuse of all sorts is not acceptable. It's this irrational, unspeakable rage that men use as controlling mechanism towards women that must stop.

I grieve for this young women and her family. Their lives are now forever changed. May she rest in peace and her family be surrounded with support and love.

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