Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday's Road Trip

Despite our colds and stress of last week, Jules and I decided to keep our reservations for lunch at Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg. We started this tradition last year of having Thanksgiving dinner at Willard's Inn on the site. Turkey dinner is served and as a handsome OPP police officer later that day agreed with me it's always better when someone else cooks it.

Jules and I started out on our journey to Lancaster. We stop there for cheap gas and a visit to Rob McIntosh's outlet. Of course there is always something that catches my eye. Once we approached the entrance to get back on the highway we entered a police check. A nice young officer just wanted to make sure that we and everyone else had their seat belts on. I can't imagine not wearing a seat belt as I would feel naked! Do you know what I mean?

We got to the Village around 12:30 p.m. and walked over to the Inn and had a lovely turkey dinner. Needless to say we were stuffed and walked around a bit more enjoying the sunny fall day. We then headed back to the highway and was stopped again by the OPP. I was driving and I lowered my window. This time another handsome officer asked me how I was. I replied that I was " stuffed". He asked me what I was stuffed with booze or food. I laughed and said food and told him about our lunch. He had a chuckle and off we went.

Here it was just after 2:00 p.m.and I am saying to Jules that I can't believe that people would be drinking at this hour on a Saturday. I realize that when it comes to certain things like drinking I really live in a bubble.

I think it is great that the OPP are so concerned about the motorist and their presence on the roads surely must of made an impact this weekend. Once we hit Quebec there was not an SQ in sight. That makes me feel sad as the SQ need to make more of a presence on our roads during holiday weekends.

It 's fun to get away even for the day. Sometimes we need to forget about our stresses and take a little r & r time. I remember how Kell would enjoy her road trips and I will share some of her experiences with you in another entry.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Thanksgiving

Today, I went to the Orthodox church of my roots. I had a mass for Kelly-Anne and my parents. Dad had died on Thanksgiving weekend some 17 years ago. The priest mentioned during the service just before his sermon Kelly-Anne's name , then made a comment about this week's news and that I had to face this again. He then spoke about what our faith is about and that we as Christians face sadness and loss.

The truth is that we were never promised that life would be perfect....and who do you know who's life is that way. I surely don't know anybody who has a perfect life. We all have a cross to bear of some sort.

We all have losted loved ones, but how we have faced that lost is probably different. For me, God has sustained me and carried me through the darkest time of my life. Many people have asked me if I ever blamed God for what happened to Kell. My answer has always and will always be no. You see I feel that there are two laws. God's laws and Man's laws. The reason that we have violence in our society is because man decided to be bigger than God and create war, abuse and genocides. These are not God's works.

Marty Cousineau decided on that horrible evening of October 3rd 2004 to take control of Kelly-Anne's life and murder her. That wasn't God 's decision....I believe that God cried when Kelly-Anne was viciously stabbed and lay there dying in her own blood. God's plan for Kelly-Anne was to live a good honest Christian life, but Marty intervened in God's plan.

I felt not alone today during the sermon as I was reminded that I am not the only person on the face of this earth who has lost a child or a loved one. Here in the church sat a father with three infant boys...his baby triplets. The mother of these triplets died suddenly. This father too has a cross to bear. There are so many sad stories out there.

I pray this Thanksgiving Sunday that those who have losted loved ones find the peace that passes all understand and that the courage that we are given through God will enable us to stand strong and face our losses with grace.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Slap in the Face

Yesterday I was slapped in the face. On the fifth anniversary of Kelly-Anne's horrific passing, I received news that tomorrow a hearing will be held at the Montreal Court of Appeal to hear a defense lawyer plead to three judges that Martin Morin - Cousineau should have the right to an appeal. What all this means is that he like all criminals who have been found guilty of a crime in Canada have the right to appeal their case. Our wonderful laws in our wonderful Canadian Justice System allow this to happen.

As I mentioned in an interview today, criminals continue to have more rights than victims. Cousineau has the right to plead that he got a sentence much to long and undeserved. Let me remind all of you that he will be eligible to apply for parole in 8.5 years. That means that he could be walking the streets as a free man....just like you and me! It that fair ? Kelly-Anne will not be returning to her family in 8.5 years.

Our laws allow criminals like Cousineau the opportunity to plead and ask for an appeal because life is just too hard and long in prison and their sentence was just too harsh... a life sentence should be a life sentence. Let's remember it was his peers that deemed him guilty and the facts of the murder did not justify a manslaughter case.

We Canadians need to write our MNA's , speak out to make change..... create petitions,do what ever possible to convince the government to change the old laws in this country. We need to be like the is life never to see the light of day.

It's time to make that statement. Please do your part. Again today another women's body is found in a wooded area. Was she murdered? If so, another murderer walks our streets and if he gets caught a defence lawyer will work hard like hell to get him the smallest sentence possible.

Is that fair?

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Fifth Anniversary

Another October 5th is upon us. The weather seems similar to what is was five years ago on this day. As for how I feel, that hasn't changed much neither. Painful memories of that day still, still are so vivid....they will never fade.

As I have said before, life is not worst or better than pre October 3rd 2004, it's just different. I have had to work through the guilt. I, at times take myself back to that time in Kelly-Anne's life was she was dating Marty. I ask myself those hard questions of why I didn't do something harsh like kidnap Kell....what the hell was I afraid of? Going to jail, having my daughter very angry at me, or did I just think that Kelly-Anne would take care of her issues with him.

The past five years have gone by so quickly. Many changes have happened in my life, but the one thing that hasn't changed is my desire to continue to be Kelly-Anne's voice, to send the message to women everywhere that violence is not acceptable and cannot be tolerated. One slap is too many slaps. There is a way out and women do not have to fear their aggressor.

I have a spoken before about a law in Quebec that was changed in April 2006. Any women who lives in a domestic violent relationship can leave their residence and not have to worry about being responsible for the lease.....the catch is that the women has to tell the police about her situation....and it's a good catch. Please send this message to any women that you may know who is in this situation. For my readers outside of Quebec, check with your provincial or state laws.

Let's pay tribute to Kelly-Anne today by reaching out to someone who is in need...a women who needs a shoulder to cry on, a women who you suspect is a victim of domestic violence.

May Kelly-Anne's memory be eternal.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Excepts Part 3

As I sit here in front of my computer I realize that it is now 8:03 p.m. the time that Kelly-Anne was fatally stabbed five years ago today. Realizing the time gives me a chill, my poor baby you did not any way deserve this . Oh, how I wish that I had kidnapped you from this disgusting vulture.....I should of known better.

I continue to read Kell's diary. We have a picture of her standing in front of the Fontaine Trevi . She is throwing a coin over her shoulder into the fountain. As she does this, Kelly-Anne makes a wish.

"I ventured up to the Trevi Fontaine. There were alot of people in a small quadren. I threw a E .05 into the fountain, touched the H20 wished that I hopefully remain young....."