Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Slap in the Face

Yesterday I was slapped in the face. On the fifth anniversary of Kelly-Anne's horrific passing, I received news that tomorrow a hearing will be held at the Montreal Court of Appeal to hear a defense lawyer plead to three judges that Martin Morin - Cousineau should have the right to an appeal. What all this means is that he like all criminals who have been found guilty of a crime in Canada have the right to appeal their case. Our wonderful laws in our wonderful Canadian Justice System allow this to happen.

As I mentioned in an interview today, criminals continue to have more rights than victims. Cousineau has the right to plead that he got a sentence much to long and undeserved. Let me remind all of you that he will be eligible to apply for parole in 8.5 years. That means that he could be walking the streets as a free man....just like you and me! It that fair ? Kelly-Anne will not be returning to her family in 8.5 years.

Our laws allow criminals like Cousineau the opportunity to plead and ask for an appeal because life is just too hard and long in prison and their sentence was just too harsh... a life sentence should be a life sentence. Let's remember it was his peers that deemed him guilty and the facts of the murder did not justify a manslaughter case.

We Canadians need to write our MNA's , speak out to make change..... create petitions,do what ever possible to convince the government to change the old laws in this country. We need to be like the USA...life is life never to see the light of day.

It's time to make that statement. Please do your part. Again today another women's body is found in a wooded area. Was she murdered? If so, another murderer walks our streets and if he gets caught a defence lawyer will work hard like hell to get him the smallest sentence possible.

Is that fair?

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