Monday, October 5, 2009

The Fifth Anniversary

Another October 5th is upon us. The weather seems similar to what is was five years ago on this day. As for how I feel, that hasn't changed much neither. Painful memories of that day still, still are so vivid....they will never fade.

As I have said before, life is not worst or better than pre October 3rd 2004, it's just different. I have had to work through the guilt. I, at times take myself back to that time in Kelly-Anne's life was she was dating Marty. I ask myself those hard questions of why I didn't do something harsh like kidnap Kell....what the hell was I afraid of? Going to jail, having my daughter very angry at me, or did I just think that Kelly-Anne would take care of her issues with him.

The past five years have gone by so quickly. Many changes have happened in my life, but the one thing that hasn't changed is my desire to continue to be Kelly-Anne's voice, to send the message to women everywhere that violence is not acceptable and cannot be tolerated. One slap is too many slaps. There is a way out and women do not have to fear their aggressor.

I have a spoken before about a law in Quebec that was changed in April 2006. Any women who lives in a domestic violent relationship can leave their residence and not have to worry about being responsible for the lease.....the catch is that the women has to tell the police about her situation....and it's a good catch. Please send this message to any women that you may know who is in this situation. For my readers outside of Quebec, check with your provincial or state laws.

Let's pay tribute to Kelly-Anne today by reaching out to someone who is in need...a women who needs a shoulder to cry on, a women who you suspect is a victim of domestic violence.

May Kelly-Anne's memory be eternal.

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