Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday's Road Trip

Despite our colds and stress of last week, Jules and I decided to keep our reservations for lunch at Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg. We started this tradition last year of having Thanksgiving dinner at Willard's Inn on the site. Turkey dinner is served and as a handsome OPP police officer later that day agreed with me it's always better when someone else cooks it.

Jules and I started out on our journey to Lancaster. We stop there for cheap gas and a visit to Rob McIntosh's outlet. Of course there is always something that catches my eye. Once we approached the entrance to get back on the highway we entered a police check. A nice young officer just wanted to make sure that we and everyone else had their seat belts on. I can't imagine not wearing a seat belt as I would feel naked! Do you know what I mean?

We got to the Village around 12:30 p.m. and walked over to the Inn and had a lovely turkey dinner. Needless to say we were stuffed and walked around a bit more enjoying the sunny fall day. We then headed back to the highway and was stopped again by the OPP. I was driving and I lowered my window. This time another handsome officer asked me how I was. I replied that I was " stuffed". He asked me what I was stuffed with booze or food. I laughed and said food and told him about our lunch. He had a chuckle and off we went.

Here it was just after 2:00 p.m.and I am saying to Jules that I can't believe that people would be drinking at this hour on a Saturday. I realize that when it comes to certain things like drinking I really live in a bubble.

I think it is great that the OPP are so concerned about the motorist and their presence on the roads surely must of made an impact this weekend. Once we hit Quebec there was not an SQ in sight. That makes me feel sad as the SQ need to make more of a presence on our roads during holiday weekends.

It 's fun to get away even for the day. Sometimes we need to forget about our stresses and take a little r & r time. I remember how Kell would enjoy her road trips and I will share some of her experiences with you in another entry.

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