Sunday, November 29, 2009

Remembering Kelly-Anne: Part 1

Kelly-Anne's beautiful birthday cake made lovingly from

La Conca d'Oro

Boulanger Pâtisserie Charcuterie

2549, Jean-Talon east

Montreal, Quebec

I walked into this established Montreal family bakery for the first time yesterday and very quickly felt the warmth of community and love. They graciously prepared this cake which had a mocha coffee filling and Kelly-Anne 's smile embossed in the centre. Seeing the cake and not knowing what they had did, resulted in a melt down right there in the shop. The other pastries that they provided for the evening were outstanding and so delicately made and the pizza was the way I like it. I don't usually plug in businesses on my blog , but not speaking about La Conca d'Oro would be unfair as they were very much a part of last night's success. Give yourself a break this Christmas and let them do your baking. This bakery is in the heart of the ethic community and have wonderful Italian products.

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