Saturday, December 19, 2009

Remembering Kelly-Anne Part 2

Tonight I realize that the time has sped by so quickly that I have not had a chance to write about the fundraiser in honor of Kelly-Anne.

I was delighted to see over 100 people attend the event this year. Being the 100th anniversary of the Lifesaving Society brought some of the old timer lifeguards to the event. It was nice to see them attend and hear some of the stories they reminisced about.

Awards were given out to the present lifeguards for the competitions which they participated in this year. It was nice to spend time with Kelly-Anne's co -partners and to hear the honorary president Eddie Beaucage recount some sweet stories of this relationship with Kelly-Anne.

Eddie spoke about how inquisitive Kelly-Anne was. It seemed that they did alot of commuting together and Kelly-Anne would ask him many questions about hockey. She did have a keen interest in the sport and she did learn to skate as a young child but it was never really her forte. I chucked as he spoke about the many questions that she would asked as I realize that Kelly-Anne got that gene from me as I have a habit of asking alot of questions. Well if you don't ask, you will never know...that is my motto.

Kelly-Anne did decide one day to participate in a women's hockey game at Concordia. She asked me to attend which I did. It was quite something to see her all decked out in the equipment. She was on the ice and tried her best to skate and handle the stick...well as I said at the fundraiser, Kelly-Anne was better in the water than on top of frozen water. That hockey game still makes me laugh as she was so funny trying to play. Kelly-Anne was a good sport and that is what counted.

The event brought in over $ 6,000.00 which will help the competitors with the world competition next year in Egypt. Kelly-Anne still remains very close to the hearts of her friends at the Society and continues to be an example for the young lifeguards. She is forever in our hearts.

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