Saturday, November 21, 2009

What would Kelly-Anne have done?

These past few months have been a roller coaster ride of emotions coupled with decisions and new beginnings. I found myself contemplating issues and asking often how would Kell-Anne have dealt with a particular situation or what would she have done. I find I take the time to analysis what would have been her view and try to handle issues the same way. Well I think it's working...I haven't cracked yet.

I certainly have been thinking of her alto as we had to face her fifth anniversary of her untimely, horrific death , the slap in the face of the murdered asking for an appeal, the rugby fundraiser and now the lifesaving fundraiser coming up on Kell's what would have been 30th birthday.

And of course I started new job in September, Jules and I both got colds and his ended up in a pneumonia. Facing the new daily routine of going to work downtown has been an eye opener to the poverty and homelessness that exist in Montreal. The same four people sit every day in the metro where I get off and beg for money. Some will hold the doors and have their hand opened to spare change, others will play their guitars, some look spaced out and others are just sleeping.

I know for a fact that Kelly-Anne would have probably ran to McDonald's and fed these people even if she didn't have money to spend on a meal for herself...that is how generous she was.I remember on Christmas eve in downtown Montreal. We had just arrived in front of the church and their across the street was a young homeless man. Kell jumped out of the car and tried to go purchase food at MacDonald's to give him but the restaurant was closed.

I am trying to tell myself to be a little bit more generous to others. Jules tells me that I should give them each some money for Christmas. I thought that maybe I will buy gifts certificates from McDonald's and put one in each of their cups. At least they will be able to eat something.

Kelly-Anne led by example and it is her example of kindness and generosity that I must follow. Kelly-Anne has sustained me these past months. Her spirit is ever so near and as we celebrate her life next Saturday, I know her presence at the cocktail will not be far away.

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