Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kelly-Anne & Rachel

Kelly-Anne's best friend is Rachel. Today is a special day for Rachel as she has married her sweetheart.
It's a bittersweet day as I sit here and think of years gone by and of the relationship the girls had together. They say that there is no greater bond between mother or daughter or sisters but I feel their bond was
the same as blood sisters. I remember the laughter, the fun shared and of course the adventuring. Kelly-Anne, I know would be very happy and proud today for Rachel. I am sure that her spirit is near Rachel as she starts a new phase in her life. I am also glad that Kim is there today with Rachel sharing in the festivities.

Here is a picture taken of the girls adventuring in the USA.

I wish Rachel a beautiful day and a happy and loving marriage.

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Anonymous said...

we missed you DoDo, I look forward to showing you photos.