Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baby's First Birthday

Today Jules and I went to participate in the festivities of a baby's first birthday. Lilah is her name. A darling little girl who is the daughter of Kelly-Anne and Kim good friend. Besides the goodies and cupcakes, the house was filled with little children. All happy and adorable little ones playing and munching on treats. The party brought back many memories of birthday parties which we had for Kelly-Anne and Kim.

For Kelly-Anne's first birthday she had a baby sister to celebrate with her. Isn't that something! Kim was just 4 weeks old but nevertheless she was with her sister.

I remember making those wonderful character cakes out of the Wilton cake pans....doggies, Big Bird etc. Some parties were held at McDonald's and Chi Chi's. We usually had one party in between their birthdays. One birthday party, Kim received her first cat....Katnip. He somewhat freaked out coming home to a children's costume party. I think that is why he was always stressed out.

Looking at the gifts that Lilah received today made me see that some things just haven't changed...Strawberry Shortcake was a big thing when the girls were small. Lilah must of received at least 3 Strawberry shortcake cards and we gave her a Strawberry Shortcake book as part of her gifts.

It was a lovely party which really warmed my heart...the sweet innocence of youth.

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Anonymous said...

How precious...the moment and the memories.

My boys are 6 months apart so we would celebrate for the birthday boy and also acknowledge the half-birthday of the other. It was a big deal to be something-AND-A-HALF. Also, when they were little, we had several birthday parties each for family, one for friends, one at McD's...etc. It was a lot of work but well worth it. These days, I'm lucky to see them at all on their birthdays.

Thanks for bringing these memories to the forefront for me today, Doreen.