Monday, September 21, 2009

Perseverance Pays Off

After seven months of being at home, I now have a job to go to each day. This past weekend I did some reflection of what it took come to this point of being hired and the first word which comes to mind is how I persevered.

I had faced rejection such as "your over qualified for this job", " we decided to hire somebody else" and "you don't have all the qualifications for this job". Being turned away had left me at times doubting myself and my future.

The past months I was fortunate to be a part of a group called Executives Available. They are a group of experts who help professionals who are over 40 to market themselves. I met some great people who are in search to find jobs. I learnt tips from the experts and had wonderful support from my counsellor.

Through all the changes of loosing a job and finding a new one,I realized that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Kelly-Anne was always near by....,her spirit, her example of perseverance was close in my heart. Kim displayed everyday to me her perseverance as she recently started a new job working with special needs children. I marvel at her patience and perseverance as she impacts these children's lives. Kim has skills that many do not have. Kim and Jules have been my support team over the past months...always being encouraged to continue my job search. As Jules says, I don't give up easily.

Well, the brief case is packed, the clothes are ironed and the sensible shoes are at the door. I'm off to work in a law office and will give my expertise and commitment once again in a new career.

Doreen Drummond
Health & Safety Consultant

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