Saturday, August 22, 2009

August Crickets & Summer Fun

For the past few weeks, I have been going to bed with the sound of crickets coming from my bedroom window. Those late August crickets bring me back to my own childhood growing up in Montreal. Remembering those evenings where the family would gather to share a refreshing cold watermelon are priceless. As a child, I thought summer was never going to end.

Our activities were not entirely the same as they were when Kelly- Anne and Kim were children. We went to the pool, biked around the park and played on the swings and some evenings were filled with a neighbourhood game of hide and seek. Kelly-Anne and Kim 's activities were more structured. Swimming lessons and biking were priorities. Activities such as Christmas in July, BBQ's and rants were also on the list. Just having good clean fun.

I am grateful that the girls had each other as playmates to share those special times. I can remember when Cabbage patch dolls were all the rage. The girls each had one and would put them in their back pack with their faces showing and bike with them. One day they enrolled in a first aid babysitting course at the CLSC. They had to bring their dolls to practice on.

Summer is the time for safe fun, family get togethers,and watermelon. The sound of the crickets is my bittersweet reminder of happy summers gone by for myself and for the girls. Enjoy the rest of your summer and listen to the crickets!

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