Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rekindling with the Family

Today, Jules Kim and I attended a family BBQ. Between the food, the chatter, the children frolicking in the backyard, it was a beautiful day to be with family. Some of us reminisced about summers past when our families would meet on Sundays at Ile Ste- Hélène for a picnic. I can recall being young...oh so young and climbing a hill from the parking lot on the Island to where we would set up our multiple picnic tables and break bread together. Today brought back those special memories of summers past.

We gathered for a family group photo and as I stood there between Jules and Kim, I felt a sense of loss, that Kelly-Anne should of been there with us enjoying the day. I bravely smiled for the camera and let on that all was good.....but a piece of my heart sanked again.

There was one particular person who was there today with whom Kelly-Anne would have marvelous conversations with on different occasions. I missed seeing her talk to my cousin's husband.

I remarked today that is was great to see the family gathered as through our busy lives, time is rarely set aside for fun occasions. We usually see each other at funerals.

As I have often said , life is too short. Taking the time to be with extended relatives is so important. For me, having Kim there to get better acquainted with the family makes me very happy. It's about our roots and our culture. It's about sharing memories and special events with very special people.

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