Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Today, my Mom would have been 88 years old. I thought alot about her today. It seems that this time of the year brings back alot of bittersweet memories of my Mom and Kelly-Anne.

In my mother's good years, she would play on the floor with the girls. I can still see there three of them frolicking. I can remember the day I returned home from the hospital after having Kim. Mom showed up soon afterwards with Kelly-Anne . Kelly-Anne had stayed with my parents while I was having Kim. In fact, Kelly-Anne took her first steps on her own during that time with my parents. I remember Mom telling what a joy it was to have Kelly-Anne with them...let's remember Kel was only 11 months old! Mom mentioned to me that she told Kelly-Anne that I had given birth to a baby sister for her and she insisted that Kel understood what my mother was saying as she became very serious and attentive.

Mom's last birthday party was one which I will never forget. We knew that Mom would not see her next birthday, so we had a party at her house. Dad was ill too and I remember saying to myself as I saw the two of them standing next to each that they were both dying in front to me.

Dad had cancer and died on Thanksgiving weekend in 1992 and Mom had Alzheimer's and died eight months later. I can remember how sad the girls were to loose their grandparents.

I am only thankful that they were not alive when Kelly-Anne was murdered. That would of killed the both of them. I do know that they must of cried when Kelly-Anne met them in Heaven and to know that they are all together gives me some peace. The sadness that I do have in my heart today is that Mom, Dad and Kel are not here with us to share our lives. I always said that my parents died to early and that Kelly-Anne and Kim got robbed out of not having their grandparents around to see them grow up...oh how they would of been so proud of their accomplishments!

Mom, rest in peace....I hope everyone is around you today...we miss you so very much.


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