Saturday, September 26, 2009

Remembering Kell Part 1

As we approach the fifth anniversary of Kelly- Anne's passing I thought I would share with you some of the excerpts from her diary which she wrote while on her trip in Italy. I loved the way she can feel that they are with her experiencing the trip. Of course the humor is so alive, just like the way Kell lived.

Here's a excerpt which I'll call The Human Compass Story

" I walked around trying to find Ponte Vecchio. I being the human compass, walked completely in the opposite direction for 1.5 km. If I had looked to my left I would of seen the bridge, I made it there finally.

I had wanted to go to where Michelangelo lived on top of a hill. I read that the sun sets were nice. So I found where it was, went there and saw Florence under a setting sun. The roof tops were shinning in the sun, just beautiful. After so I walked back to the main centre. On my journey back to the hotel I asked some locals where I was on the map. They pointed out that I was on the complete opposite side of the town that I wanted to be on. Well done, again. "

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