Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Husband

My husband Jules celebrates his birthday this weekend. Alot is to be said about his sweet , kind individual. He is a homebody, loves his computer games, loves to clean the house and for that I have to say does an incredible job. He's not the type of husband that needs to be followed around to check to see if any spots have been missed. People ask me if I could loan him out...I always answer flatly! Jules loves babies and cats and even the neighbour's dog Indy. Each morning before we leave for work , I find Jules sitting in the living room having quiet time with Sylvester. Syl will be sitting on the arm of the chair and Jules will be softly patting him. It's like Sylvester is trying to tell Jules to stay home and hang with him. As we leave out the door Sylvester sadly looks. I find it funny and strange how our three rug rats hover over Jules and but won't give me the time of day!! I think it's his soft demure character that tells the cats that he is not a threat to them. Me however, I have nag at them to behave.
Jules also loves his stepdaughter Kim, but at times he forgets that she is a 28 year old adult. Jules also loved Kelly-Anne. She would bring him gifts on his birthday, especially chocolate peppermint patties. I remember one birthday, Kel walked into the apartment where we were living and said " Here are peppermint patties for a French pepper." Needless to say the pepper got his patties ! Jules was born in Noranda, lived in Montreal and in Ontario and that is why he is fully bilingual.
Jules works physically for a living and does an honest day's work. He's no slacker. The proof of the matter is after work when he has returned home he showers and then flakes out in his favorite chair from exhaustion. He keeps on telling me he is not young right !
Happy Birthday Honey!

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Thinking of all of you today.