Thursday, March 19, 2009

Living in Fear

The past two weeks I have read a book written by Canadian journalist Brian Vallée. It is called the War on Women. The book talks about a couple domestic abuse cases in Canada which happened in the 1940-1950's. I read it as part of the research for a special project I am doing for Women Aware. The book allowed me to better understand what a victim of domestic abuse lives. The one word that best describes these victims is FEAR. That is why it is so hard for them to leave their abuse relationships. We have to stop judging women who stay in these relationships. It's so easy to say "Why is she with him. If it were me, I would be out in a flash."

The first night reading the book, I just couldn't sleep. Thoughts in my head were that of Kelly-Anne and what she lived in her relationship with Marty. So many other women even today continue to live in fear. I only hope and pray that the more we speak out, more women will break the silence. Being with Women Aware is challenging, but this is where I have been brought to.

I would like to be congratulated for being laid off as a door closed and another opened. I am in the right place with incredible colleagues. I understand now all those dreams that I have been having since Kelly-Anne's death. There is always a door opening in my dreams. Now I have the answers.

I will celebrate my challenge and continue to forge forward...never to be silent about abuse.

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