Monday, June 14, 2010

Honour Killings

I was very disturbed to hear this weekend that a mother in Dorval stabbed her 19 year old daughter. Charges has been laid against the mother. The family is originally from Afghanistan and have other children. The husband and three other daughters where at home at the time of the stabbing.

It appears that the 19 year old was out all night. Isn't that typical to what many of that age do.....hang out with friends. For most it is just innocent fun and for those who come from another country, in my opinion is it about integrating into our culture....movies, jeans, friends from different nationalities and cultures, different kinds of food, parties and most of all acceptance. This case sounds so similar to the murder of the St.Leonard girls in Kingston last summer. Mercy killings because the girls were becoming too "Canadian".

My question is why do people from other countries immigrate to Canada? How do they think their children will integrate into the new culture? It's one thing to keep your religion and practice it, but parents need to understand that children will be exposed to a new way of life and will want to be accepted with their new friends and yes girls especially will want to dress in the latest fashions and give up a conservative look. Families immigrate to Canada because they want a better life, they want a future for their children...well there is a price to pay for it and that means accepting that the children will want to be
" Canadianized". And for that ...we do not kill or attempt to kill our children because they want to fit in.

I would much prefer that families of origins who do not want to integrate into our society, please stay in your own country and spare the thought of killing your children. They are allowed a life no matter where they live.

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