Sunday, August 15, 2010

Laugh out Loud

One thing that our family enjoyed with Kelly-Anne was laughter. She always had a way to make us laugh. Even as a little girl she would bring so many smiles to our faces or do silly things that would make us laugh until we cried. Her sense of humor through writing was hilarious. I was thinking today of the camp letters she and her sister would write us while away at summer camp.I recently re - read them probably for the 100th time.

Humor and laughter has always been a focal point in my relationship with my husband Jules. When Kelly-Anne passed away so did our teasing, silliness and laughter. Our home became a place of silence, depression and despair. We lived in our disbelief and pain for a few years. Then one day something funny was said and both Jules and I laughed. It was a strange feeling.....something that was forgotten and had to be re learned again.

Not a week goes without Jules saying something that makes me laugh until I cry. He has this habit of saying something funny at supper it's not about my cooking. We could be watching TLC and something from a show will trigger him to say something funny. He really should of been a stand up comic. Looks are deceiving as he always give the impression to others that he is shy and reserved. But I know better.

I can honestly say now that the humor and laughter in my life is a good thing. I have come to terms that I am allowed to laugh again and be silly. I no longer feel guilty about living life. It's a hard thing to do, but I remind myself daily that Kelly-Anne would expect me to laugh and be silly just like her.

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