Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kudos Kim

Today I watched Kim play in the final round of a squash tournament. I am also proud to say that she won first place. This entry is not about boasting her victory,even though I am very proud of her. Kim has been working very hard on herself. She eats well, is disciplined and exercises hard as she wants to be the best she can be. Kim has done great job of it and it her hard work has paid off.

Being a spectator at a squash tournament is not quite the same as watching your child play hockey or waterpolo. There is a certain composure that is expected of those in the stands with rules and regulations to abide by. Therefore I and her father restrained ourselves from any loud expressive words of encouragement.

However, I did notice something interesting during the match. Kim did not know her opponent nor ever played against her. During the match the opponent fell a couple of times. The play stopped and as natural as the day she was born, and the exact replicated actions of Kelly-Anne, Kim went over and ask the opponent if she was okay. That is what counts, clean competition and respect for others and for me that is all more important that winning the game.

When Kim was born, we were told that she was a loving baby. I am sure I have mentioned that earlier on in my blog, but even at 30 years old, some things do not change. I can't be more proud of Kim and Kelly-Anne when is comes to sportwomenship. Kelly-Anne demonstrated this when she played Rugby. She would whack her opponent, then run up to her to make sure she was okay.

Two peas in a pod. I can't be prouder.

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