Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Little Red Dinosaur

The falling of colorful autumn leaves around our property reminds us that October is soon approaching. A month for most of my life that I enjoyed, now is a deep reminder of the pain and sadness that took over our lives in 2004.

Each year we remember Kelly-Anne, her trip to Italy, the strained relationship with her boyfriend, the hidden torment that was going on inside of her. Throughout the years, our lives have taken on new meaning, there have been new beginnings, new challenges and opportunities, new sorrows and new loves.

My biggest new love is Paige. She has grown into a beautiful, well adjusted, articulate bright child. Each time I boast of her accomplishments to a close friend, he responses to me by asking if I have submitted an application for her to Harvard yet. Of course, my response is yes!

Paige started pre-school today with the same gusto and excitement that Kelly-Anne had on her first day of Kindergarten. She took along her little red dinosaur as Kim tells me that Paige says
"aunt Kell gave me". Kim tells me that Paige knows the dinosaur will keep her safe. 

My emotions have taken the best me...more tears again this morning. Yesterday, I was cleaning the family room. I came across all of  Kelly-Anne's greeting cards that were in a clear unsecured plastic bag. Once I  placed them in a better bag and finished cleaning up the room, I  notice a tiny square piece of paper lying on the sofa. I  picked it up and there was a break down of a cost analyst referring to what it cost to make a greeting card all in Kelly-Anne's hand writing. I honestly do not know how this tiny piece of paper got to the sofa as I did not see it fall from the bag of greeting cards. I was stunned since I had never seen this this note before. I sat on the sofa in disbelief as I read it over and realized that Kelly-Anne had purposely put this paper on the sofa for me to read. The message, only Jules and I would understand, was very clear to me. The message gave me the reassurance and hope that  something  good was soon to happen. 

Kelly-Anne is never far....the good angel protecting her family and friends. As this weekend approaches, I ask all of you to pray in thanksgiving for your life, the lives of others who have left this earth and for peace in our world. May her memory be eternal !

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Susan Corbierre said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time! I can assure you Doreen that Kelly-Anne did put that piece of paper there for you to find, letting you know she is with you. xo