Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summer 2016

Hubby and I decided to take some time out from our too busy weekend and relax at the pool today. Of course the first thing that came to my attention were the new lifeguards on duty. Young, alert, polite and on top of everything...just the way it is suppose to be.

Great memories came alive today as I thought about Kelly-Anne and her  many lifeguard  postions she held over the years. Interestingly, the  lifeguards showed the same  passion and committment that Kelly-Anne  had. That  made me happy. It takes a special breed to do the job. It isn't an easy one.

This summer will bring more swimming adventures.  I await Paige's visits. She had been taking swimming lessons so I am excited to see how well she does. Last weekend she proudly told me that she passed her  lessons and was  going up to the Salamander level.
Such a big word for a three year old!

Life is a full circle and I must say Paige is amazing in so many ways. She has great role models to follow....her mom and dad are amazing parents  and she also has her aunt Kelly-Anne who  continues  from afar to be a role model.  The years are passing quickly and before I know it  Paige will probably be that lifeguard with a whistle around her wrist sitting up high on a chair guarding  the waters.

I am looking forward to the summer this year. Our summers are so short in this part of the world, so every day counts.  Enjoy your summer !


Erin said...

I noticed traffic to my blog ( from yours, though I'm not sure why. I just wanted to say that your story touched me so much. My niece was born six months after my brother died of depression, and it doesn't fix his death, but somehow it made it possible to bear, having a small life to watch and love, much the way it sounds like Paige does for you. My niece just turned four and got a baby brother.

Although my heartbreak has not been the same as yours, it has shaped my choices and made me more compassionate to others suffering.

Doreen said...

Thanks Erin for taking the time to write. Any sudden death of a sibling, a child or anyone close to us is life changing and probably the most difficult death to cope with. New life brings us hope. I see so much of Kelly-Anne in Paige. You must see your brother in your niece. I believe it is a gift to us that keeps us smiling even though the tears are not far away.