Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Today we Remember

" Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever  reason, turn his back on life."  Eleanor Roosevelt

If anyone lived up to this quote, it was Kelly-Anne. Today, I can only think about the way she lived and not how she died. That is how she should be remembered on this twelfth year anniversary of her passing.

I remember Kelly-Anne at such a young age always being curious to learn and explore. As a child she loved animals, people, the sunshine, a good challenge and life. Today, amidst the tears, I celebrate her life. I celebrate her smile, her accomplishments as a young women, her love of sports and her love of family and friends. The good daughter, always by my side in life and in death.

My deep spiritual connection with Kelly-Anne continues each and every living day. I found myself in downtown Montreal yesterday and at one point with all the construction  mess and walking detours, I had no clue what street I was walking on. Finally I reached a corner and looked up at the street sign and saw that I was on Drummond Street. I chuckled to myself and said thanks Kell...She liked to called herself the  human unlike myself who always  needs a road map or a GPS hanging around my neck!

Today, I ask her family and friends to light a candle remembering Kelly-Anne and all the women who lost their lives to domestic violence. Let peace prevail over all our lives.

Memory Eternal Kelly-Anne.

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