Monday, February 20, 2017

SPVM.....Something to Smile About

The Montreal Police  made me smile last night. I had three different encounters with three different  employees from the Service de Police de Montreal. Nothing serious to be concerned I wont elaborate. From the first call in, to the second call made to my house, to the police officer responding, I could not have asked  for better service with respect and  concern for my situation. This is community policing, their great concern for the community.

The police officer on the scene took his time to listen to my concerns, gave me sound advise and reflected  on the laws. It is rare that I  have to call 911 and I do prefer it  that way.  I have not interacted with many police officers except those that I know personally since Kelly-Anne  was murdered.

Last evening's encounter reminded me of a  time after Kelly-Anne passed that I could not look at a police car especially with flashing lights at night. I would  panic and refrained from driving alone  just to avoid police cars and their lights. Last night I realized that I can do that now. Through the years I have learned how to live my life as a normal human being without the stress that  I
suffered in the earlier years. It is about coping, believing in myself and knowing how Kelly-Anne would want  me to live my life. It is about learning to live without my daughter and slowly move away  from the black cloud that  identified me being  different from other moms.

When people ask me how many children  I have, my answer is that I have two daughters. My oldest lives in Heaven and my youngest lives out of town.  It's the tragic and unfair as it is.

Life is changing, I am changing...maybe Paige has something to  do with that...maybe she  is giving me the opportunity to relive things in my life that I did with the girls when they were young.

Slowly, I will encounter situations that will allow me to see how I have changed. My life with God's help and a sweet dear angel is helping me change each day. I am stronger, more independent  and happier now than I have been in years.

We never know that we will encounter in our lives...simply know that what ever it is, there is either a lesson to be learned or an experience that will change us forever....

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