Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sweet Family Memories

Today, Jules, Kim and I spent a lovely afternoon at a cousin's home. I met second cousins who I had not seen since I was a very young child. We looked at family pictures and reminisced about our childhoods. One thing that we all seemed to have in common was the sweet memories of our grandmothers in their kitchens cooking up a Lebanese storm.

That being said, we were reminded how our grandmothers were the hub of the family. Aunts, Uncles and cousins would gather at our Sito's homes for the holidays and the meal would be fit for a king and the time spent together all so special. We agreed that those days are gone, our lives have all taken different dimensions. Working, raising children and the demands to get ahead all seems to take priority.

I feel that the time with family is so important and that we don't always make the effort to rekindle those relationships. Sure, the food won't as perfect as what we had as children, but the friendships of the cousins is what really is important. As my cousin mentioned today, we no longer have our parents and grandparents, all we have is each other. We are now the older generation and we have to stick together. I agree entirely and said to her that we need to all live peacefully and enjoy the moment criticizing, no arguing, accept each other as we are and be happy.

Life is just too short.

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