Sunday, October 5, 2008

Laugh and Love

I have been pondering the last few days as to how I would pay tribute to Kelly-Anne on the 4th anniversary of her death. I don't have to tell you that I am still in pain, still cry, still suffer from post trauma, still miss her, still am so angry at her killer. Some may say to get over it, you need to let Kelly- Anne rest in peace or you will feel better if you forgive him....ya right.

Today as we remember Kelly-Anne I want to bring to light someone who have been there for Kelly-Anne even in her death. Rachel has been a faithful friend who has not forgotten Kell....... Even in her death, Rachel has managed on her own to keep Kelly-Anne's memory alive. Knowing Rachel as I do, I knew this morning she would of prepared something special on her blog. Please take a moment to look at look. My morning started in a bath a tears.

As for myself, I will face the day with grace. We will go to the cemetery and lay flowers. The energy that my daughter still gives me today is so strong. The words said to me four years ago outside of Kelly-Anne 's hospital room by her doctor " Your life will forever change" still ring in my ears. I continue to forge forward on my journey to fight violence, help families, convince the governments to change laws and to be a messenger to the youth.

As your thoughts are with Kelly-Anne and her family today, remember to live each day to the fullest, laugh and love as Kelly-Anne did in her short but full life.

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Anonymous said...

Vivid memories of four years ago fill my mind...thinking of you Doreen on this sad day.