Sunday, October 26, 2008

No Greater Bond

Today, I went to the same funeral salon where Kelly-Anne had been laid out. A distant relative had passed on. I walked into the chapel and their laid the deceased in the same spot where Kelly-Anne had laid. I thought to myself , I must get through this without falling apart. I went to Kelly-Anne's grave prior to entering the salon. I asked her to give me strength and of course she did.

As I stood giving my condolences to the decease's daughter, I remarked to her that there is no greater bond than a mother and a daughter and her relationship with her mother was a true example of that. She looked at me and said that she had never though of it that way....but later as I pondered on my own words, I realize that there is so much truth to those words. Mothers are the ones that carry and nurse the babies. Daughters try to imitate their mothers...I remember dress up days when the girls were little, I remember the girls wanting to try makeup for the first time and of course their first childhood loves.

The grieving daughter best friend was her mother. All she has left are the fond memories and the reminder of the love and friendship which they shared. That bond forever stays even in death...I know, I still feel my bond with Kelly-Anne. She is forever present.

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Moms and special is that!

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