Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On the Road to Moving Forward........

Well , this morning I became another statistic...I lost my beloved job after 27 years of service !
My two bosses took me into the office and gave me the news. I somehow deep inside of me knew it was coming. I wonder too if the recent economic crisis is actually used by many companies as a excuse to downsize. What ever... it's out of my control !

Anyhow, I will mourn my lost, miss my work friends deeply and move forward. One door closes and another will open, only this time things will be different.

I kept repeating to myself and others this morning that the worst has already happened in my life........this is going to be peanuts.

Guess what......I don't have to dream anymore about playing hooking ( and I never have)....I'm going swimming on Friday and Kell will watch over me.

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