Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Anniversary

This past week Jules and I celebrated our second year of marriage. Despite the sadness of my job lost, our anniversary was a day of smiles , admiration for each other and love. So much has happened in the past two years. It seems as we get older, life has a way of moving in first gear...did I know two years ago that I would no longer have a job and that I would have moved on from being with AFPAD ? Did I know that I now would have to be faced with some hard decisions about how I will live out the rest of my career years?

One thing that I do know is that I have my darling husband behind me all the way. His support and love has been overwhelming. He keeps telling me that he wishes that I could just stay home and not work.....but we all know that it is his big heart talking and not the reality of the today's world. I'll have plenty of time to stay home....right now I am energetic and looking for a stimulating challenge.

Tonight, Jules took me to our favorite Italian resto in St. Laurent...DiVino's. The wine and meal was superb. Days like today are's the time to remember all the ones we love whether they are here with us , or have passed on, or are friends and family who we don't have contact with. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be commercial. It doesn't cost anything to tell someone that they are cared for and loved.

Happy Valentine's Day !

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Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary. What a beautiful couple.